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Toasted Ravioli

Looking for an appetizer? Try this Toasted Ravioli to level up your party menu. This dish is well-known in the sprawling city of St.Louis. Locals take pride in this recipe and made different versions of it. Tourists should also taste their fried ravioli before leaving town. Now, if you're wondering what's so good about this meal, then maybe it's time to cook this one out! This might not be the original toasted ravioli of St.Louis, but it sure is worth the try. The family's official ravioli taste expert, Joseph, has given this recipe a rating of the greatest number of thumbs: a two thumbs up approval! Don't hesitate on adding more or experimenting with the ingredients for there's nothing wrong with getting creative in the kitchen. Remember, "It's always better when you make it yourself".



  1. Prepare the seasoned bread crumbs then season it with salt and pepper. Add in Parmesan cheese. Mix thoroughly. This would be used for the breading.

  2. In another bowl, crack two eggs and pour in whole milk. Beat the eggs.

  3. Heat up frying oil in a skillet. Meanwhile, get your JBros version ravioli and dip it in the eggs. Then, make sure to cover each ravioli with the bread crumbs.

  4. Deep-fry the ravioli. Once it turns fluffy and golden brown, time to flip it over. The first side should be done in around three minutes while the other side in around a minute or two.

  5. Remove from pan and get your JBros Tomato Sauce ready for it is time to serve.

  6. Grab a bite and Enjoy!

Save a copy of the recipe here.

Toasted Ravioli
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