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The McBro

In the past, John and Joe did an I'd Eat That review on the McDonald's McRib. They then decided

to make the homemade party version and it was a success!

This is a great recipe for when the McRib is gone and you have a craving for it. It's also great for your next party and not super expensive.

We hope you enjoy. The written recipe is below the video.

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McBro Party Sandwich



Loaf of Bread with Sesame Seeds



BBQ Sauce


1. Cook ribs (we went with oven)

2. Slice bread in half

3. Place cooked rack of ribs on open bread

4. Remove bones from the ribs

5. Add barbeque sauce on top of ribs

6. Broil 2-3 minutes

7. Add onion and pickles

8. Cut and serve

The McBro
Download PDF • 130KB


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