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Steak and Eggs

Today’s recipe is a simple steak and eggs. However, using the proper steak technique can elevate your dining experience. A quick tip for cooking the steak: while the steak is searing in the pan, throw in butter and baste continuously as the steak finishes cooking. Aside from this, you can add other side dishes or other food to complete your meal. We hope this steak and eggs could put a smile on your face as you eat!


- Top loin steak

- Olive oil

- Salt

- Pepper

- Butter

- Eggs


  1. Cover the loin steak with olive oil then cook on a pan on high-medium heat. Sear on all sides depending on the preferred doneness of the steak. Use a thermometer as a guide on how well the steak should be cooked.

  2. Season with salt and pepper. Add butter and braise the meat. Continue to check on the temperature using a thermometer. Take it out of the pan once the preferred steak doneness is achieved.

  3. Crack two eggs in the pan and cook until it is done.

  4. Add side dishes or combine them with other meals if preferred. Serve and enjoy!

Below is a guide chart for the steak.

Source: WebstaurantStore

Save a copy of the recipe here.

Steak and Eggs
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