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Patty Melt

Is it a cheeseburger or sandwich? Well whatever it is, all we can say for sure is that patty melts are delicious! Diners offer a few variations on this sandwich where they might get the exact flavor combination to your palate, or not. So if you want your patty melts to be perfect, you can follow our recipe below; as we say "It is always better when you make it yourself." A good, classic patty melt is defined by its salty and sweet onions, together with the crispy crunchy bread, melted cheese, and a thin beef patty that gives its mouth-watering taste. Tasty right? Watch the link and follow our recipe to have a bite of this great burger.


1 lb ground beef (80/20)

Olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

2 tbsp BBQ Rub- (BBQ Sunrise Sandwich)

1 Onion, thinly sliced

4 slices Swiss cheese

4 tbsp butter

4 slices rye bread


  1. Shape the ground beef into burger patties. In this episode, the meat was formed in an oblong to be flatten evenly in the flat cooking top. This is to make the patty thinner

  2. Grease the top with olive oil and cook the patties for about five minutes per side. Season with salt and pepper. Flavor it with the BBQ rub.

  3. Add the onion on top of the patties. Wait for it to get caramelized before flipping the patty. Then, season again with salt and pepper

  4. While still in the grill, layer it with Swiss cheese. Melt it just enough before taking the patty out of the heat.

  5. Meanwhile, butter up the rye bread and toast it. Flip on both sides until it turns brown. Cooking should be around two to three minutes

  6. Time to build the sandwich! You can double the layer of the patty or just go with one.

  7. Serve while hot. Enjoy!

Here's a copy of our recipe.

Patty Melt
Download PDF • 66KB


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