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Oklahoma Onion Burger

If you love onions and hamburgers, this is the burger for you! Even JBros' own non-onion loving John

enjoyed this hamburger very much.

According to what we've researched on Google, the Oklahoma Onion Burger was created during the depression to stretch what little meat was available.

This delicious concoction of caramelized onion on top of the hamburger make a great party hamburger or for a family dinner.

We hope you enjoy watching and trying this recipe yourself. The written recipe is below the video!

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Oklahoma Onion Burger


2 lbs 80/20 Ground Beef

1 Onion, thinly slice Sliced

American Cheese

Salt & Pepper

Hamburger Buns


1. Roll ground beef into 3 oz. balls

2. Spray hot griddle to help prevent sticking

3. Put to meatball on hot griddle

4. Smash down meatballs with a meat press (place wax paper between meatball and meat press to prevent sticking)

5. Add a large handful of onion to top of each patty

6. Press onions into meat with spatula, add salt and pepper

7. Once patty starts to get some color around edges flip patty (about 3 minutes)

8. Add a piece of cheese to top of patty, place bottom bun on top of cheese and place the top part on top to get a little heat

9. Take top bun off and set aside

10. Flip of the patty and place on plate bun side down

11. Put top bun on top and serve with condiments of choice

Oklahoma Onion Burger
Download PDF • 133KB


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